i’m a duff

All group of friends has a DUFF, a designated ugly fat friend, who is not necessarily fat nor ugly. He/She is simply the least attractive person in the group who is usually befriended by people because they like the DUFF’s friend. In short, they are often used.

My seventeen year old self has discovered “The DUFF” just this morning through a 2015 movie (of the same title) by Ari Sandel. The movie is about the adventures of a girl who is apparently the Duff within her girl friend trio. After I watched the movie, I began to realize that I just found out the perfect term for myself, well other than ugly, unattractive, you get the point. It’s like I found the perfect synonym, DUFF.

That’s right I’m the group’s duff. I have a lot of group of friends: one is my college friends, the other one is my high school classmates, but my main group is my old teammates. I’m pretty sure I’m the DUFF within my main peeps. You see, our group is made up of 5 bisexuals and one straight girl. We’re athletes, we have a hint of gay. *winks*. Anyway, my best friend is always the one who gets chased by pretty fangirls and even boys. She’s popular because she’s the team’s ace and of course, the height and looks(?). My other friend is popular because she’s funny and cool. She’s also in a real and awesome relationship with one of my other friends. The last two are not bad looking, which means I’m really the DUFF.

I never had a real relationship. I don’t think anyone ever liked me back or liked me really. I’m kind of a nerd because I’m in the smart-ass section. I’m honestly inconsistent with my basketball skills, not the coolest looking dance enthusiast, not the most fun person to be with and not the best looking within the group. I am a DUFF.

But the more flaws I think of, the more I realize the good things about me. I think about the blessings I have, most importantly the gift of acceptance and happiness. The movie didn’t teach me how to look down on myself because of my flaws. It taught me how to be thankful for what I have instead because that’s what makes me, ME. Even though I realize that my friends are one step ahead of me in looks, humor, and all those other stuff, I would never want to be another person. I want to be the Math-loving, God-fearing, sucker for love ME and no one can be that better than I do.


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