to fall in love with a princess

I fell in love with a Princess.

She’s not a princess of some monarchy or country, but she’s really a princess inside and out. I woke up this morning asking myself if she was the one that got away. She wasn’t my first love nor was she my greatest love because I never really got to freely express my feelings for her. Yet, I’m sure that I loved her genuinely. I just loved her at the wrong time, wrong place, wrong lifetime. She was in the hands of let’s say another prince or a princess (whatever she can be in the hands of whoever she wants), so I never got the chance. She always looked at me like a sister or a friend.

And I guess, we’re really meant to be just friends.

I could never be happier.

After clearing out things, the Princess and I became great friends. I would always have her back and she does have mine too. She’s still happily in the hands of her knight and we are all really close friends for four years now.

I asked myself if I would like to know if the princess liked me even just a little bit or if I’d get the chance in another lifetime.

But you know, I don’t want to know. Knowing the truth wouldn’t really change anything and would definitely sting. If I knew that the Princess liked me, I’d be sad but I wouldn’t do anything about it because the princess is already happy. If I knew that she didn’t like me, I’d still be sad. Sometimes, it’s better to not know the truth and to just stick to what you feel.  

I realized that there was no right time and right place for me and the princess because we’re simply not right for each other. I could be the best girlfriend ever but if she’s not the one, things would still fall apart. She wasn’t the one who got away,because she was never the one to begin with.

Despite all the downfalls, I still value the princess, not only like a friend but like the princess that she is. She’s still important to me and I’d be glad to still be her friendly knight in armor.


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