Dear future girlfriend

Where the heck are you?

It feels like this past year, I’ve been looking for you like you’re a needle in a haysack. Am I not looking hard enough? Or socializing enough? Am I blinded by the safe feeling my caps give me?

And, when am I going to meet you? I can’t wait. I’m just so tired of meeting girls and having feelings for them, but they never and will never feel the same way.

I’m tired of failed flings that just keep my hopes up. I don’t want heart breaks and stress anymore.

I’d be so much happier with you in college. We’ll walk around the green campus, eat cheap but tasty food, be affectionate in public. I’d brag about you with my friends because finally I have a love story to share. It really sucks to be alone you know. I blame you though, you took so long to come. (Kidding)

I know God has the perfect time and place for us to meet. I trust in His will. Maybe He wants me to finish college first so I could graduate and give you everything that you want. He also knows that I suck in keeping my acads and lovelife balanced. He keeps on preparing me for you, making me realize the value of appreciation, irrational love, understanding and patience. Man, I’m excited. I feel like I’m training for a great girl.

According to my friends, you are gonna be a lucky girl because of me. (Not bragging). Don’t be shocked if one of them cries when we all meet. I just hope that we do meet.

I just hope that you exist.